Lipstick and Kerosene #writephoto

“It’s just one of those things, May.”

“Driving out to the desert with a six pack and some popcorn?” May noted, eye brow raised.

“Well that too, but no… having a break-up ritual. It’s a must.” Spencer fluffed her hair with a comb she’s had since the eighties.

“Greg n’ I were only together five months for crying out loud.”

“Doesn’t matter, rules are rules.”

Both women stood in front of the small mirror, tainted with old water droplets and scuffed edges.

Spencer said, “something tells me you didn’t read the hand book.”

“Honestly should have, I probably wouldn’t have been so shocked to find myself in an RV in the middle of nowhere.”

“Rule number 67.” Spencer picked up a gas can and motioned May outside.

“Is that gas…”

“Course. Come on.”

May swept the mascara brush over her eye lashes one last time and followed her best friend outside. Stepping off the old wobbly RV steps and unto the dessert ground, clouds of dust trailed both girls like bread crumbs waiting to talk.

Spencer motioned May to sit by a worn fire pit, ashes piled from years of rituals.

Spencer said, “Alright, hand it over.”

“Is this necessary?” May clutched a photo of her and Greg, taken at the State Fair two months prior.

“Rule number eight.”

“Are you sure you aren’t making these numbers up as you go…” May said.

“Not my fault you didn’t read it.”

Spencer grabbed the picture, something that looked like rosemary and one of Greg’s socks left behind at my condo.

“You’re insane.” May said as she pooped the top of a Bud Light.

“I’m not the one who kept his sock.”

Spencer grabbed a match, said something under her breath that May chose not to inquire about, and lit the fire pit.

Both girls sat back in their old camping chairs and watched the flames.

Spencer said, “and this is why we do rule number three.”

“What’s that?”

As she asked the question, the sunset began to flame a bright pink in the distance, the fire melding into it as if one and the same.

May replied, “oh my lord it’s beautiful!”

“Nothing heals like a sunset with lipstick and kerosene.”

This post was in response to Sue Vincent’s photo prompt found here.

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