100 Word Story: My Favorite Wings

Image by Xandra_Iryna from Pixabay She loved flying. The wings were sturdy, they held her high. The clouds a mist, a spray against her hair. The cold didn’t bother. It fueled. Her energy source, her love. They swung over the loch. Steam kissed her cheeks, the hairs on her face tingled hello. A sudden swing … Continue reading 100 Word Story: My Favorite Wings

Marsha’s Comet by Amanda Smith

Dreaming in Fiction

“JERRY!” Marsha screamed out of the front kitchen window. She thought it would be best for dramatics given the sharp angling of the shutters. She realized smugly that her choice was correct, thank you very much, when her husband of forty years turned from his tractor seat to flip her the bird.

“Marsha, for crying outloud! You know I don’t like to be interrupted while riding Lucy.” She shuttered at the name he had bestowed upon his lovely hunk of metal.

She cupped her hands around her mouth. “You know I can’t hear myselfbreathewhen you’re mowing!”

“Might as well mow. Can’t dance, never could sing, and it’s too wet to plow.”

Rolling her eyes, she shut the window and stomped her way out onto the porch. Good thing it was Spring or there’d be hell to pay. “I’m not screamin’ for pleasure. It’s thenews.”…

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Timeless Battle of a Goddess


Take a candle, explore the depth of history that’s bottomless,
Filled with stories that will not fail to impress,

Every nook and corner, you will find a goddess,
Who fought her battle like a huntress,

Girls like to dress to impress,
But that doesn’t make them just a princess,

House without a daughter is full of dullness,
The Only creature, blessed with default laughter and craziness,

If she senses a dark cloud in her life chess,
Nobody can stop her from unleashing her hidden Lioness,

But she still fights the silent battles, which are timeless,

Lips shining with smile; such an amazing actress,
So that no one can see her teary eyes full of sadness,

No one can deny the ugly truth we witness,
That she is still just a female stuck in forever darkness !!


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