Dance~ #writephoto

The fog seemed to cling to the stones gritty surface, a cushion for the rocks hard exterior. The sun was playing games with the heavy air, reflecting bits of light off the suspended air droplets making one squint at the spectacle. I pulled off my red flats, laying them carefully beside the first stone to … Continue reading Dance~ #writephoto

50 Word Challenge: When Paintings Come to Life

Found at: Every Wednesday at twelve o’ clock Our paintings came to life, and how we gawked The paint heavy, it seeped low I told my husband we needed a row He replied, what should we do? I haven’t a clue. Well, he said, I guess it’s time we bought that canoe.

Pouting Petals

Pouting Petals This is in response to the April Writing Prompts found at: “Stop pouting for crying out loud.” Leonard gazed out the large bay window facing the southern garden. “For crying out loud? You’re kidding me Leonard.” “Sorry that was ill placed verbiage, my apologies. It’s merely a thunderstorm! It’ll be gone by … Continue reading Pouting Petals